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    Best of Hungary – The measure of Quality

    We are pleased to announce that our dental clinic was awarded the “Best of Hungary” . MDental is proud to won the measure of quality!

    Budapest Week Publishing has been asking its readers and business partners as well as the committee members of the publisher every year since 1993 who they consider the best. Based on these votes, strictly supervised by the publisher, the ‘Best of Budapest’ title is awarded in some 60 categories.

    ‘Best of Budapest’ is an independent qualification system that was created by Budapest Week Publishing in 1993 for the purpose of maintaining quality. Partners featured in our publications and our web site are chosen by us from the best in Budapest. They have proven over the years that they are worthy of the recognition on the basis of their performance in the catering and service sectors. It is important for us that the services provided by the partner we offer are of high standard, trustworthy and of lasting quality.

    The name ‘Best of Budapest’ is a guarantee that those using the services meet with the same quality whenever they return. The partners of ‘Best of Budapest’ form a community. By maintaining or improving the standard of their services, they also strengthen each other and set further requirements for each other..


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